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Depending on your needs, Cryptohelp provides various services


Would you prefer to have Cryptohelp explain Bitcoins, Altcoins and ICOs to you in person?

Do you have a specific problem that requires the attention of an expert?

Are you a bit overwhelmed and don’t quite know where to start?


If you prefer to take an active role while learning about cryptocurrency technology with other people a workshop would be the perfect opportunity.

Should you be interested in attending a workshop with other individuals please contact us.

Are you a company that is looking for someone to educate your employees about cryptocurrencies? If you wish your employees to gain some practical experience a workshop would be perfect. We can discuss what aspects of Bitcoin, Altcoins and ICOs is most interesting for your company and the workshop can be tailored to support your company goals.


Would you like someone to give a presentation about cryptocurrencies to your employees?

If you just desire to educate your employees about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general a presentation would be the ideal tool to start further discussions. Depending on your company goals, your business and interests the talk can be adapted accordingly.

Depending on your needs and previous knowledge Cryptohelp will provide you with the service that best allows you to accomplish your goals in a timely manner.

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